Friday, August 5, 2011

Big MLM Tip - Be the Hunted, Not the Hunter

Image from Paramount Pictures "The Hunted" 2003
I realize this statement is reversed from the way it is normally said, but if you are practicing Attraction Network Marketing, this way is more accurate. You want people looking for you.

It takes time to build such a reputation, but it will pay off in the long run. Building a reputation as a trusted leader is no small task, especially when so many are trying to do the same thing.

The concept is simple really. Offer something of value to those around you. I could give examples, but I do not want get you focused on one or two things. It would be much better if you come up with an idea on your own.

Just think about the things you need for your business, and offer to help others with the same needs. Ask yourself these 3 questions:

What is my biggest need in my business right now?

How can I address it?

How can I help others do the same?

If you can answer these three questions, you are well on your way to establishing an Attraction Network Marketing campaign that will surely yield the results you seek.
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